BonAfaire, Inc

The BonAfaire Way!

L'Agence Immobiliere des Bonnes Affaires!

is simply different. Unique in fact. That's great news for you, because it's what you want in a realtor. What separates us from the rest?

We built our business model on the principle that we should charge you only for work actually incurred.  Just seems more fair than charging a straight percentage across the board no matter how much effort is made to sell the house!

We've been around the block
If it can affect buying or selling--interest rates, market surpluses, appraiser strikes--we're on top of it. Our years of experience are always at work for you.

Service that's unsurpassed
Sometimes things come together right away. Other times, fitting home to buyer takes longer. We don't sleep until we've delivered for you--no matter how daunting the task.

Let's start today. Call us at 514-999-5344 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Whatever your housing goals, we're here to help.

BonAfaire est une agence pas comme les autres!

Nous avons construis notre model d'affaires sur le principe que vous ne payez que pour les services rendus.  Pas un pourcentage arbitraire.

Nos annees d'experience sont toujours a votre service

Service exceptionel
Notre serice n'est jamais fini avant que vous ne soyez satisfait!

Ne perdons pas de temps.  Appelez nous des aujourd'hui au 514.999.5344

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